Online Puzzle Games: Using The Addiction To Your Advantage!

puzzle games. How do these relatively simple games manage to eat so much of our
time? You know you’re playing a tremendous online puzzle game when you lose all
track of time. Suddenly that five-minute break” you were going to take
from work turns into half an hour. The half-hour you were going to let yourself
play an online puzzle game before going the dishes becomes an hour.
Puzzle games are so addicting because they’re fun! You don’t need to
stop playing games, you just need to use your addiction
positively! At least that is what I like to think 😛

You’re stressed out at work, and your mind is completely blank when you’re trying to think of new ideas. If you can manage your time efficiently, five minutes of an online puzzle game (if your boss is okay with it) can refresh you and make a difference in your work attitude!

Half an hour of online puzzle games a night can help you unwind after a long
day at work, school, and taking care of the kids. If you’ve got homework,
chores, or work from the office to do at home, you can reward” yourself
with a block of online puzzle games time after certain milestones. Write half
of your paper and then play ten minutes of online puzzle games before you start
the next half. Vacuum and dust upstairs and then play half an hour of online puzzle
games before you clean downstairs.

If you find yourself getting carried away with your favorite online puzzle
games, try setting a timer by which you must abide. Remember, the key to the
addiction of online puzzle games is to play in moderation! Use the relaxing
power of online puzzle games to increase your productivity without completely
losing your motivation!

What are some favorite online puzzle games you might like to try in your online
puzzle games time? The falling blocks” game of Tetris and its copies have
always made favorite online puzzle games. Compare your scores to players around
the world or just entertain yourself!

Some of the most popular offline tabletop games also make great online puzzle
games. You can play strategy games like chess, checkers, or go with an online
opponent or you can just use the online game site to have a convenient place to
play against a computerized opponent.

Name a card game, any card game, and there’s an online puzzle games variant.
Blackjack, Poker, Rummy, and Word Cookies are just a few examples of the online
puzzle card games you can play. Just get in and play, if you find it too hard, just go and search on google about solutions and websites such as:


Play against an unnamed Internet opponent, get
your mates to come online and play with you at the very time, play against
computerized players to train, or in the case of Solitaire, you can play solely
by yourself!

An online puzzle game that hasn’t still reached the levels of popularity that
it has around the globe is dominoes games online. It merges the best of chess
and checkers-type games with the best of card games: plan games for various
players that rely a limited on the success of the deal. Best of all, you won’t
ever have to trouble about long load times because so many people have yet to
realize how much fun dominoes games online is yet.

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Cheats for Mobile Games That You Want to Know

Today, I want to highly recommend you an interesting racing game named Rocket Cars. It is created by Illusion Labs. You race across various courses, perform stunts, and meet different goals as you cruise from level to level.

rocket_carsYou can hold your finger down to start the game. So you take off as fast as possible. You should try your best to avoid rocks or obstacles that can tumble your way. If you have any to spare you’d better swipe back and use boost power? You’ll blast right through the object instead of being derailed by it.
In order to conquer each challenge, you should strap rockets to your car or blast dynamite at your opponents…

If you don’t want to wait for your energy to replenish, you can try a little trick that might or might not work, which is called the time lapse cheat and in order to do it, all you have to do is to head over to your device’s settings and simply set the time forward by 60 minutes. When you get back to the game, your energy will be replenished! Don’t worry, you can buy the unlimited energy in the store.
It costs a few more coins than the other upgrades but concentrates on these two first. You’ll be glad you did.

You can easily complete the first 7 levels without a problem and get the three stars. Just go through the levels and unlock as many as possible and get your coin rewards. You can always check back after you have upgraded your cars and master the races
According to the official data, the rank of Rocket Cars increases rapidly in mobile game marketing. You should have a try if you haven’t play Rocket Cars game ever before. You will get many other guides of Rocket Cars on our website. Please keep your eyes on us.

The data cable is necessary to transfer the game files in your laptop or computer to your cellular phone device. Unless you have another way of transferring files, like Bluetooth; without the data cable, you can’t transfer your downloaded game into your mobile phone. You only have to connect the data cable to connect your laptop or computer to your mobile phone and follow guidelines as prompted on your PC and smartphone.

You must know that phone games have numerous file extensions. You need to make sure that your downloaded game file has an extension that is compatible with your smartphone’s operating system. This way, you can install and play the game immediately.

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